By "adopting" an animal, "Primate Parents" support Monkey Jungle in it's efforts to enhance animal habitats and maintain their best possible care.  Of course, all animals remain at Monkey Jungle under the care of expert keepers, veterinarians, and professionally trained staff.   

Select your favorite primate:

Gorilla $500.00
Orang-Utan $250.00
Mandrill $200.00
Gibbon $175.00
Spider Monkey $150.00
Diana Monkey $125.00
Golden Lion Tamarin $100.00
Capuchin $75.00
Squirrel Monkey $50.00
Java Monkey $25.00

First Name
Last Name
Zip Code:
Work Home
Name for Certificate
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You may email or fax your completed form to: or fax: 305-235-1611

This is not a Tax deductible contribution. Adoption valid for one year. You will receive your certificate and photo in 4-6 weeks and your name will be placed on the Primate Parents Recognition Plaque at Monkey Jungle.

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